The Gods And Beliefs In Gilphash And The Epic Of Gilgamesh

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The Mesopotamian civilization began around 3,000 BC in Sumeria creating rich agricultural and farmlands to bring back to its over populated cities. Not only was the Sumerians known for these thriving inventions, but along with their religious beliefs many had their minds focused on one main purpose: to praise their gods.
Mesopotamians believed in polytheism: the belief in more than one god. The Sumerians were very religious people, believing that they were put on earth to serve for these gods. They also believed that if the gods were happy, everything would flourish. Regarding food’s being plentiful, flooding of the rivers would be predictable, and there would be no disasters. The saying “happy wife happy life” is more considerable as happy gods happy people or vice versa. The Mesopotamians were very loyal to the gods, creating temples for these gods to live in. In the text “The Epic of Gilgamesh”, refers to how the Mesopotamians treated their gods. The Mesopotamians believed in a higher life after death, an afterlife. In the afterlife , one would continue their jobs as servants to the gods. The Epic of Gilgamesh shows us how the gods were the creators of everything around them. Gods were created for every aspect of life including love, death, even animals.
Driven by fear of death , Gilgamesh goes searching for an everlasting life. He begins to travel to the end of the world searching for a man he knows has obtained it. After being approached by a young woman, she tells
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