The Gold Affect And Effect

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The Gold affect and effect It’s the beginning of the end of the world: outrageous 5p carrier bag charges, a horrendous new layout of snapchat, extortionate 2p increases of Freddo bars and the sickening new shape of Toblerone bars. But now it’s gone a step too far. The Hollywood power couple, Brangelina have split. How can humanity live our everyday lives with this catastrophic news?

Although exaggerated, the above is just as hyperbolic as the number of innocent athletes accused of taking performance enhancing drugs– which could be the end of some athletes’ careers.

The 2016 Olympic games saw around 11,200 athletes, 366 of which were Team GB, battle their way to the reach the top of the podium in individual and team events. Despite …show more content…

However, when looking at the released records, none of the athletes actually broken the law – it just seems that way due to the media taking its information out of context by seeing the word “banned” and presuming it’s a PED, as well as the original records being changed by the deceiving hackers. Which not right to do, as athletes with Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUEs) have permission to take these banned drugs due to their medical and have been tested, rigorously, to ensure there are no other alternatives. Something which the majority public may be unfamiliar with these medical terms.

But, after many months, the media have conflated together PEDs and TUEs, tricking us into believing that TUEs are the same as PEDs.

To understand the power of rumours in the media one only needs to look at the case of Mo Farah – the 2012 and Rio Olympic game’s gold medallist, track superstar and one of Britain’s greatest ever athlete. However, despite his great amount of success and the sense of pride he has given us, speculation around Farah started when his previous coaches were investigated for doping offences. The media then cleverly sussed out the truth of the situation and pointed towards Mo Farah – suggesting he was doping. Never once considering that he was innocent and won his medals fairly. A furious Farah was then forced into doing press conference after press conference to clean himself (and his reputation) from the media’s muck. In a heated interview with a

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