The Gold Rush Of California

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On January 24, 1848 John W. Marshall discovered gold in California, which set its foundation for California’s future success. The Gold Rush gave California’s popular motto of, “Eureka” meaning “I’ve found it.” Also, the Gold Rush drew attention to California drawing cultures from around the world to seek better opportunities and make a greater extent of money than they would ever come across. This created California’s population to experience an influx during the 1840’s. Although it increased population in California, there were difficulties and problems with encounters between the Chinese immigrants, the rich, and miners that resulted in social conflict. As the Gold Rush struck California, people around the globe saw this as a way for…show more content…
( ) Once the men arrived arrived in California with the thought of striking rich, it deteriorated as they lost connection with their families, difficult to earn money, and the rough environment to live in. ( ) Once the Chinese realized that mining was not easy they had difficulties to provide for their families back in China and for themselves. Mining was more challenging than they ideally generalized yet the lack of money did not supersede their dream of becoming wealthy. The American Dream of success and happiness during the Gold Rush started to fade away for the Chinese immigrants as striking rich overnight was not easy as they thought. The land of gold did not welcome them on account of the white men excluding them. Chinese men were unaccompanied and abandoned in a dissimilar area than what they were accustomed to, yet alone did not have any communication with their families and relatives. Nevertheless, these complications that they encountered did not stop the Chinese to pursuing their dream. The Chinese were very passionate workers, even if it was arduous to work as a miner. They found alternative approaches on their burdensome lifestyle, such as constructing railroads, being laundrymen, and becoming servants for the rich ( ).These Chinese men experienced abundant ways of living even if it was very difficult for them just so they can live and provide for their families. They had life threatening jobs such
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