The Golden Age: Is It in the Past or in the Future?

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“The golden age is before us, not behind us.” These words, from William Shakespeare, depict to people the possibility of reaching a higher echelon than ever before in comfort and command of the world. They demonstrate the result of forward thinking and the detriments to nostalgia. They are especially relevant to the current situation of the world's latest and greatest technology – the internet. The internet is merely a network of computers, but to modern humans, it accomplishes much more than just communication. It is a workplace, an entertainment center, and a news repository all at the same time. Rooster Teeth Productions, a company which has garnered billions of views, began by producing videos for the internet. Rooster Teeth recently moved into a new, 20,000 square foot office space in Austin, and now employs 38 people. It’s a long way to come for a company that started out with no profit model, no office, and only a handful of passionate employees. (Rigney 3) Clearly, this only decades-old invention has had the most profound impact on human life since penicillin, but already people want to abuse the internet's power for personal gain. Amoral Internet Service Providers such as Comcast and Time Warner have and likely will continue to restrict the internet for monetary or otherwise self-preserving gains. The most recent threat to the internet's capabilities is the United States Federal Communications Commission’s Chairman Tom Wheeler's alleged proposal that will

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