FCC 15-24: The Federal Communication Commission

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Introduction In docket number 14-28, FCC 15-24, the Federal Communication Commission released a document concerning the protection and promotion of open internet. The internet is essential for speech, our economy, business and innovation, making this a very important issue to examine. In a globalized world, the internet keeps us in contact and update with persons and events all around the world. This document deals with the Open Internet Order, which, “prohibits blocking, throttling, and paid prioritization” of the internet (FCC 3). These objectives are aimed at keeping the internet open for users, and providing a functioning medium for business and communication alike. After the Federal Communication Commission adopted these goals of maintaining …show more content…

With the expansion of digital and online marketplaces, the FCC’s responsibility to promote free market principles and business has never been more important. The order goes on to describe how it will use its’ legal authority to promote free market expansion, “We marshal all of these sources of authority toward a common statutorily-supported goal: to protect and promote Internet openness as platform for competition, free expression and innovation; a driver of economic growth; and an engine of the virtuous cycle of broadband deployment” (FCC, 120). By promoting open internet and the virtuous cycle, business and digital marketplaces have a secure and reliable medium to buy and sell goods, and promote business and other start-ups. The commission’s legal authority is derived from section 706 (FCC, 121). The order also aims at modernizing Title II, an act that helps promote investment and business activity (FCC, …show more content…

The Federal Communication Commission has a duty to promote internet security and a secure environment of communication networks, including the internet. Due to online transactions, people working from the internet and the digitalization of documents, sensitive personal information is frequently transmitted online. The order address this, “the Commission recently took enforcement action under section 222 (and section 201(b)) against two telecommunications companies that stored customers’ personal information, including social security numbers, on unprotected, unencrypted Internet servers publicly accessible using a basic Internet search” (FCC, 16). Also, the order encourages and demands broadband providers to maintain standard security protocols (FCC, 34). Furthermore, the order states that laws and regulations must be consistent, “to address the needs of emergency communications or law enforcement, public safety, or homeland or national security authorities” (FCC, 132). All of these points illustrate that security of networks, personal information and national security are top priorities of this order and that of the Federal Communication Commission. It is my belief that the commission does an effective job of address security

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