The Golden Age Of Capitalism

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America was forever impacted by major political, social, and economic shifts in the 1900 's. After the global-scale World Wars in 1914-1918 and 1939-1945, an interesting period for America developed: the Golden Age of Capitalism (started in the late 1940 's/early 1950 's), marked by economic growth that allowed the expansion of the middle class, consumerism based off of credit, and an anti-communist atmosphere. Some of the most unique and pivotal points of change of social norms in American history happened during the 1950 's. Though we tend to think of the 1950’s as a peaceful time with pleasant suburban living, consumption, and wealth, evidence suggests that this decade was actually the beginning of major cultural shifts. The 1950’s included the preconditions to the Civil Rights Movements of the 1960’s, had different realities of the ideal roles of women than displayed in media, and included expression of social taboos to fight conformity. Therefore, though social conformity and norms were strong in this decade, it wasn’t without turbulence and change. The media had a large role in upholding social concepts of what “the good life” consisted of, reluctant to admit the social changes happening in its time period. Television was one of the most popular media outlets to do this, as it had become an efficient way to access a widespread audience. 1950’s television made the decade seem characterized with just abundance and uniformity, and barely reflected the realities of the
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