The Good And Bad Teacher In Ishmael By Daniel Quinn

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On the first day of school, the first thing that comes to a student’s mind is what teacher they are going to have and if they are a good teacher or not. No student wants a teacher who is extremely difficult and makes the class teach themselves the material instead of teaching it to them completely. A good teacher makes their students reflect on their work and leaves time in class for discussion of thoughts and ideas the students may have about a certain topic or story. On the other hand, a bad teacher doesn’t give their students feedback and leaves them wondering whether they are on the right path with their ideas and thoughts. A bad teacher does not hand his students what they need to learn or know, nor is he ever present when a student needs help. However, some teachers can have both good and bad attributes. In the novel Ishmael by Daniel Quinn, Ishmael the gorilla takes on the role of a teacher after placing an ad in the local newspaper calling forth any citizen with a desire to save the world. Eventually he is approached by the narrator who is interested in the ad, and Ishmael begins teaching him all there is to know about the takers and the leavers culture. Ishmael is not a normal teacher, and teaches the narrator the important lessons through different methods because he thinks people rely too much on the teachers who spend their lives simply passing knowledge on to their students without a second thought. Although Ishmael may come across to some as a bad teacher, he

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