The Gorilla 's Life Cycle

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What is black all over, loves the jungle, and is the coolest exhibit at most zoos? Gorillas are one of the coolest animals at the zoo. The big muscular body of a gorilla makes it a unique creature; as well as the many other unique physical qualities of a gorilla. These primates also live in troops make them a force to be reckoned with. Because gorilla’s habitat is in jungles they live quite a few places. The gorilla’s life cycle is very interesting as well. The gorilla’s behavior is also a unique one and is just as important. Big Strong, the Gorillas appearance, family, life cycle, habitat, and behavior combine to make this zoo animal one of the coolest animals at the zoo. Appearance The big muscular body of a gorilla makes it a…show more content…
All of the gorilla males have no hair on chest as well as no hair on their face hand or feet; once a male gets to a certain age he starts to grow silver hair on his back and is called a silverback. All of the species have long arms, are very muscular, have dark skin, and are six inches shorter than the average man. Silverbacks, the biggest male gorilla in a troop, are bigger, have a silverback, than a black back, and has a more oval face but a black back has a circular face and is all black(Wexo). Males as well as females also have a short nose with large nostrils, and heavy eyebrow ridges (Gorilla). Females are somewhat different from the males for instance they do not get as big. Females without young and females with young are also quite different, the females without young have an arched back, are skinny, and have an oval face that is moreslender while females with young have a flatter back, are fatter, and have amore circular face. Gorilla babies are also, of course, different, they are small,fat, and have very bushy hair but only weigh 4.5 pounds when they are born.and have eyes that make them hard to resist.. All gorillas share something in common they all have five fingers and five fingernails, they also have fingerprints that resemble a humans and their hands are bigger than ours (Wexo).All gorillas also have a short nose with big nostrils, and they have heavy eyebrow ridges and have no hair on their face, hands, or feet.
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