The Gospel Essentials : The Christian Religion Essay

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The Gospel Essentials
The Christian religion finds its foundation on the Word of God and the work of Jesus Christ. Christianity finds its beginnings with Jesus Christ about 2,000 years ago, when he, the Son of God, came down to earth to teach, heal, and die for the sins of humanity. After God created man, man openly rebelled against Him, causing a rift in their relationship. Since humans cannot save themselves, a perfect and completely innocent sacrifice was necessary in order to purify and restore mankind. Christianity comprises and emphasizes Jesus’ death and resurrection, as well as denying oneself and following Christ.
The Christian Worldview
At the very core of the Christian religion is the belief that God and humanity have a shattered relationship, and God desires to restore the relationship with His creation. Unlike other religions that stress the importance of humans pleasing a god, the Christian religion is about God reaching down to His people, who disobeyed and denied Him. Because the Christian religion is about restoring a relationship, many crucial elements comprise the Christian faith.
God is an omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent God who created the entire earth by simply speaking it into existence (Colossians 1:16-17). All things that exist on the earth, such as the birds, fish, plants, and humans, were fabricated by God for a specific purpose. Since He is the only true God and Sovereign Creator who intricately crafted everything, He deserves all our
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