The Government And Specific Interest Groups Create Public Policies

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In the United States, the government and specific interest groups create public policies to solve internal problems and protect their citizens. Public policies can include any action, plan, or rule, which relates to issues of domestic national importance. Once a certain issue becomes a concern for a significant amount of people, it becomes a component of the national agenda, which is what the public wants the government to acknowledge. Many of these problems are addressed because they negatively affect a significant amount of people (Sparknotes: How Policy Gets Made). For the past few years, one of the major issues in the United States is illegal immigration. Unlike today, a person immigrating illegally was not a major issue years ago. Today unfortunately, there are so many illegal immigrants from all over the world that it has become an issue no one can completely control.
It was recorded in 2012 that approximately 40.8 million illegal immigrants live in the United States, which makes up thirteen percent of the country. “Data on the nativity of the U.S. population were first collected 1850 decennial census. That year, there were 2.2 million immigrants in the United States, representing almost ten percent of the total population” (Nwosu, Chiamaka). What is the total number of immigrants that have entered the United States since 2000? Approximately thirty percent of the 40.8 million residing in America entered between 2000 and 2009 (Nwosu, Chiamaka). The majority of the
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