The Government 's Combat On Copyrights Infringement

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Abstract As China rose to become one of the world’s largest trading partners following its accession to the WTO, the country also began to face intense pressure from the international community to abide by standards on intellectual property rights. Specifically, China has strengthened its legal framework and amended its IPR laws and regulations to comply with the WTO Agreement on Trade-Related Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS). Copyright protection is one area that China has made great progress in especially in the entertainment industry. With China’s economy booming, China is consuming an increasing amount of TV shows. However, China’s TV industry suffers from a critical dilemma-the lack of innovations. This research paper will…show more content…
The firm estimated that China’s online video revenue increased 41.9 percent in 2013, reaching about $2 billion. In contrast, China’s traditional TV industry has suffered a sharp decline. In 2012 only 30% of households in Beijing watched TV, down from 70% three years earlier (The Economist, 2013).
However, the gains from the expanding industry come with high costs. Avoiding licensing costs from foreign production companies, many Chinese Internet video companies had become a haven for illicit American shows and hit South Korean soap operas. The illegal distribution of foreign content on these websites was an undoing to China’s endeavor to ascent to a strong intellectual property country. Amidst criticisms from the right holders in the international community, China has tightened its regulations against copyright infringement on online video streaming websites. Another rationale behind the government’s commitment to fighting copyright piracy is to protect domestic TV stations against the rampant popularity of foreign TV shows online. The Chinese government hopes that through an enforcement of IPR, China’s TV industry will see a reduce in the invasion of foreign TV shows due to high licensing costs and thus an increase in the production of domestic popular ones. Through a careful analysis of the legal framework and measures the Chinese government
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