The Grapes Of Wrath By John Steinbeck

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February, 6 2015 Socialism In John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath, he used many clashes of tradition to imply socialism as the cure to California’s economic mess in the 1930s. Socialism started early in Europe and several experiments of it were done in America. To anyone who knows history at all, it always seems to repeat itself, and this philosophy of government style has always failed. Socialism tries to hide behind the concept of "fairness” to suck the blood and freedom from people.
Tom Joad displays his first clash of tradition was he is hiding in the cotton fields. Tom clearly states to Ma that he hates how people are being treated there and does not like what he sees.
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Girls he had just baptized in fact. This ends his realization that spiritual life has nothing to do with Jesus. "Philosophy that a variety of ethical theory and practice that emphasizes reason, scientific inquiry, and human fulfillment in the natural world and often rejects the importance of belief in god." ( Near the end of the novel, Casy is killed, and he is clearly presented as a christ figure. He even paraphrases Christ’s last words at the time of his death, and coincidentally his initials are J.C. It seems as if his death persuaded Tom Joad to believe in Jim Casy’s fake religion and mentality. He acted as a teacher for the whole Joad family getting them to protect the poor by standing up for justice and peace.
Steinbeck makes yet again another clash against some aspects of capitalism, where the so-called "goodness of the heart" is almost never the catalyst for success in life. After they cannot settle down in Weedpatch they move to the Hooper Ranch where they are trapped in wage slavery. In capitalism, a person 's economic success is from his own hard-work, prosperity, and determination. Under socialism, no hard work is necessary. Because, under this type of government, a person 's rights to success and happiness are not determined by any of the above ideals, but by the simple fact that you are an equal working man along with everyone else. It is said to be justified through the unity of all people as one working class.
After the
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