The Great Benefits Of Studying History

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One of the greatest benefits of studying history is that it allows an opportunity to learn about the past. History is presented everywhere in numerous forms and historians like John Merriman allow people to take a look at the past. John Merriman, a professor at Yale University, is the author of “A History of Modern Europe;” this textbook consists of history from the Renaissance to present modern Europe. The text discusses subjects regarding world wars, revolutions, and colonial completion. Giles Milton, another historian, wrote “Nathaniel’s Nutmeg;” this text is a narrative non-fiction which further elaborates on the colonial competition of the 17th century. These two historical readings are different; one reading is a textbook and the other is a narrative non-fiction. Different historical texts can operate to foster different ways of thinking about the past. History presented as narrative non-fiction differs from accounts written by academic historians because of the form of writing, the engagement, and the opportunity of perspective it offers. Firstly, the difference between these two readings is the form of writing they contain. A textbook provides factual statements and straightforward information. A narrative non-fiction communicates information or history through a story which includes detailed descriptions. A textbook can contain precise dates and blunt statements about a given topic. For example in “A History of Modern Europe”, Merriman discusses how European

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