The Use of History in the Works of Hughes, Clifton and McElroy

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(An analysis of how the authors Hughes, Clifton and McElroy and how they use history in their works.) Each person wakes up and they have this experience where they remember the past. They remember the day before or something that happened to them. In their mind it is their history and it shows up in their day to day actions. Our history shapes us in different ways. If we grew up with an abusive parent, then our action might reflect on our experiences. Lives are a mixture of moments that have shaped us into who we are. Society is the same way. We have evolved to fit the time period. At one point we relied fully on the land, with the only cover up was a piece of animal skin. We hunted and grew all of the food we ate. As years have gone by …show more content…

Once free they had a realization that they could do anything. This appeared in the stories, essays and poems they wrote. They were opened up to a world that held so many possibilities. The world was theirs and because they didn’t have it for so long. African Americans lived oppressed and without any rights. When they were freed it opened up so many possibilities. Emily Dickinson talked about how we can’t understand something until it is no longer with us. African Americans were trapped for all their lives and once released they had ambition. Their ambition sent them to work and continue to advance in the world. The problem for the white people is they didn’t have this ambition. They had never had been without rights, so they couldn’t understand. African Americans worked until they surpassed the white’s so no white could ever put them in captivity again. They were humans and were equal and nothing could change that. The working class is the foundation of society which shows up in the work of Clifton. Society is built on the people that work. The working class is how everything gets done. The houses we live in, the food we eat and the materials we have are all created by the working man. They are the support of the master or the rich people. “Study the masters like my aunt timmie, it was her iron, or one life hers, that smoother the sheets the master poet slept on.” When the slaves had master, they did everything. They

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