The Great Faults With Society

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During the 50’s a widespread virus appeared on the scene, and there was a critical need for a cure to this virus. The solution to this problem was the new innovation of “test tube” babies, who were genetically engineered and modified. Hailsham was a mysterious school designed to raise these “test tube” kids and dooming them to a predetermined fate of donating their organs. These students were clones of regular people in society who had the money to create them, and the students were mandated to donate their organs to their clone. The three main characters: Kathy, Ruth and Tommy are the focus of attention throughout the novel, their divergent personalities help to create different themes and ideas. Never Let Me Go is a journey involving conformity, friendships and the ideal of hope in order to unravel the horrible lives they live in. This showcases the great faults with society and makes the reader ponder on the possibility of the approaching doom of mankind. The main character and narrator of the story is Kathy, she relives the events of the story based on the recollection, flashbacks and stream of consciousness of her mind. The ideal of hope that Kathy illustrates throughout the novel gives the reader a false sense that the clones will get ahead in life. “Ruth began telling us about the sort of office she’d ideally work in, and I immediately recognized it. She went into all the details- the plants, the gleaming equipment, the chairs with their swivels and castors- and it
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