The Great Gatsby Alacrity Essay

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Alacrity Miss.Cheng is a really nice teacher who will always help you with alacrity when you need her. 2. Alleviate Sometimes praying and talking to God can help you alleviate your stress and anxious. 3. Antithesis You get an F because your thesis statement is the antithesis of everything I have talked about in class. 4. Appall What the terrorists have done appall the entire the world. 5. Bellicose She is a bellicose person who likes to argue about everything that she thinks is right. 6. Disparage It is disrespectful to disparage your boss secretly with your colleagues. 7. Dissonant The dissonant atmosphere has started to exist since the student body election started. …show more content…

Droll Charles Chaplin is a classic droll character in the comedy history. 9. Edict You have to obey the edict from the law office sas a citizen of the United States. 10. Elucidate The story becomes more clear to me after Miss.Cheng elucidated to me the main idea. Review Words
1. Acquiesce
I acquiesce her idea because I am too tired to argue with her.
2. Allure
V. Daisy’s beauty allures Gatsby to fall in love with her.
N. Daisy’s allure makes Gatsby fall in love with her.
3. Askew
How can you let a person who can only draw askew line to be in charge of our art project.
4. Blithe
My life in kindergarden was blithe and full of happiness.
5. Contentious
She is a contentious person who has to argue everything with

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