The Great Gatsby Analysis

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After World War II and the implementation of alcohol becoming legal, the roaring 20’s was a time for rejection and change amongst the American people. The idea to live a luxurious life to party and to be free. In The Great Gatsby this is what happens in New York. The characters come alive to bring a sense of what the 20’s looked like for the people of the riches. Gatsby the grand party thrower seeking for a renewed love confides in his neighbor and friend Nick Carraway on his journey to pursue his love, Daisy. Daisy is Nick Carraway's cousin who lives in East Egg or ‘old money’. She is a whirlwind and she loves the fast paced life of living in New York. The characters in this novel are all apart of this fast paced life, but they may not all feel the same way. Nick Carraway lives in the ‘West Egg’ side of Long Island, New York. Before New York he lived farther west, but moved east to attend Yale University with Tom Buchanan. He could be considered a man of the middle class as he lives in a small house that is between two that make his look like an “eyesore” (Fitzgerald 3). As a person he is often hushed but claims himself to be quite honest towards others. Originally being from Minnesota Nick was used to the quiet calm lifestyle, but now living in Long Island near the city his pace of life has changed. Carraway is drawn to the idea of the lifestyle that the others around him live; like Gatsby who hosts parties as he wishes or those who have lavish daily lives, but he believed

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