The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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The Great Gatsby was written by the famous American writer F. Scott Fitzgerald that describes the fictional story of a cast of characters living in a town of West Egg in the summer of 1922. His books have been considered by as many a symbol for the ‘Jazz Age,’ a time of extraordinary wealth and promise, but Fitzgerald’s novels are much more than that, presenting the truth behind the twenties and creating an atmosphere, which has earned a permanent place in American literature. After the second industrial revolution, the American economy increased rapidly before the Great Depression, which was known as Jazz Age. At that time, the income of the country reached a degree of polarization. Plenty of people became upstarts by unscrupulous and illegal ways. Fitzgerald used the character Gatsby to satirize the outlaws who pursue their American Dream by illegal ways and people who were rich in material but poor in spiritual. In this essay, I 'll argue that though the Great Gatsby seems a novel about love and realism, it actually discusses the collapse of American Dream and exposes the materialism, the collapse of American society and the evil of the capitalists in America after the First World War under the prosperous appearance of American society through the difference between the appearance and reality of the characters in the novel.
Gatsby, a typical upstart after the First World War, is a sensitive young man who idolizes wealth and luxury. He falls in love with Daisy, a beautiful
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