The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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The Great Gatsby – RRS

Title: The Great Gatsby Publication Date: 2004
Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald Nationality: American

Author’s Birth/Death Date: September 24, 1896- December 21, 1940
Distinguishing Traits of the Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald was an American writer during the roaring twenties whose works reflected the dramatic social and political changes taking place at the time. The time period was set apart by the peoples’ lack of an identity after the Great War, and as a result, people turned to materialistic pursuits to fill a void created when their perceptions of peace and harmony were shattered by the realities of human cruelty. Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby gained momentum as it reflected the inner turmoil within society and underscores the discontent within many peoples’ lives. His writing is timeless as it holds true to the restlessness of human nature, and strikes a chord among reader’s with the universality of man’s psychological destitution.
The novel begins in the 1920’s, a time period shrouded with unrest and disillusionment following the conclusion of the Great War. Following the migration of Nick Carraway from his stifling life in Conneticut, he moves to New York to pursue a career in the bond business while finding a reprieve from his previous condition. What he soon discovers is that he only entered a world filled with more uneasiness and facades. East of New York lies two slabs of land which resemble eggs to the point that they are

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