The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Chapter 6: As the chapter starts out Gatsby learns that with fame and fortune comes the people who will try to knock you out. We also learn that Gatsby was not born Jay Gatsby but James Gatz from North Dakota, or as the press says. This source says the Gatsby isn 't who he says he is and that it was Dan Cody brought Gatsby under his wing and taught him all he knows about flying through life from the seat of his pants. Nick has spent much time with Jordan and hasn 't seen Gatsby in a new weeks and decides to visit. Tom along with two others ride up on horseback and come for a drink with Gatsby. They ask him to dine with them yet, Gatsby denies. Tom starts to worry about Daisy and attends one of Gatsby 's parties and for the first time in forever Gatsby dances with Daisy gets involved in his own parties. Gatsby and Daisy spend some time alone and when dinner arrives Tom announces that he wishes to eat with another group. Daisy however, is no fool and understand that Tom only wishes to go out with another lady. The party dies down as it always does and Gatsby fears that Daisy failed to have a good time and begins to think about her. Nick, fearing that Gatsby will act without thinking advises him that “you can 't repeat the past” in which Gatsby argues that you can. We are over halfway through the book and we are only now starting to dust away the mystery that Gatsby is. His past isn 't as jazzed up and glam as he once made it sound however, we know that Gatsby is passionate

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