The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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The author of the book The Great Gatsby,his name is F.Scott Fitzgerald . Fitzgerald was born on
September 24,1896 in St.Paul Minnesota. He grew up in the family that wasn’t rich but wasn’t poor,they might be what you could call middle class people. Fitzgerald got his name from a relative which would be the guy that wrote the Star Spangled Banner that guy’s name was
Francis Scott Key. As a kid growing up Fitzgerald spent the first ten years of his life in Buffalo
New York and syracuse in upstate New York. At the age of twelve after his daddy lost his job the family layed back from traveling so the family heads back home to live from the moms inheritance. fitzgerald finally moved away to write the amazing book which is called The Great …show more content…

He died at the age of 44 ,in
Hollywood,California,which was unexpected to happen. Fitzgerald had one last story he was writing before he died he got half way finished with, which was called The Last Tycoon.
Fitzgerald was known as the lost generation, and to this day him or his novels are not forgotten.
The book was about a young man by the name of gatsby. The book started out with a young man which name was Nick. He moved onto the west egg right across the bay from the east egg were the Golden girl by the name of daisy Buchanan lived which was his first cousin. She had married into the Buchanan’s which was a very wealthy family She married a guy named Tom Buchanan who was a rich and unworthy no good cheating liar. Back across the bay at the West Egg where Nick was living at the time trying to get his writing all in order. He lived beside a millionaire by the Name of Jay Gatsby. Nobody really knew who this Gatsby was all they ever knew about him or heard about him was that he was a german spy which was just talk. Nick goes over to his cousins Daisy and her husband Tom Buchanan to learn about Toms cheating ways and to eat dinner that night. Nick finally gets back to his house and sees some strange person standing on his neighbor’s pier. He sees the guy reaching for a bright light across the bay just so be the light was green. Nick walked up close to the man to see what he was doing and the guy

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