The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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The Great Gatsby was written by F.Scott Fitzgerald,a typical author of the Jazz Age,which filled with visional American dream and economical prosperity.Simultaneously,the morally bankrupt and spiritually pollution behind the light.At that age,wealth was the only standard to measure the success.Gatsby’s death was a tragedy to that age and was regarded as the corrupt of American dream.As for Daisy,she was regarded as the centre of Gatsby’s dream.The death means the failure of Gatsby’s dream then means Daisy was the main factor to leading to this tragedy. In order to interpret that Daisy had nothing to do with Gatsby’s death,this paper is divided into three chapters:chapter I is beginning part,chapter II is supporting part and chapter III is conclusion part.Chapter I will introduce the Gatsby’s American dream, the position of Daisy in his dream and the affect of Gatsby’s death.Chapter II will interpret Daisy had nothing to do with Gatsby’s death from the objective reason and deep reason.The objective reason will focus on the objective relation between Daisy and that murder that killed Gatsby and the unfair treat for Daisy.The deep reason will focus on the main real reason was American dream,just as Jiang Ying proposed the view that there existing huge danger of blind worship of American dream,which may lead to a loss of real dream and humanity and resulted in the tragedy like Gatsby through the personal and social perspectives.Chapter III will summarize the main idea of

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