The Great Gatsby Compared to The Sun Also Rises

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Fitzgerald’s novel presents postwar period from completely different point of view – he shows the ‘power’ and uselessness of money. As we know, people of the ‘lost generation’ were not the happiest and had quite careless lifestyles. In this novel, even though characters are not poor, still, the only meaning of life they have left is wild and free lifestyle and love. Author also did not leave out the meaningless relationships to the society and conventions.
One of the main characters, Jay Gatsby, a mysterious, wealthy man living in luxurious mansion in Long Island, throwing parties almost every weekend for people he doesn’t even know – “This is an unusual party for me. I haven’t even seen the host.” sais one of the quest to Gatsby, the host. Gatsby is a perfect example of careless lifestyle. But these parties are actually just a way, he puts up with his unfulfilled love for Daisy, who got married for a wealthy man during Gatsby’s military service.
The narrator, Nick, presents the story without subjective feelings, informs without influencing the reader and also leaves him a space for imagination. For example, he hears many different rumors about Gatsby’s origin of his wealth and he does not make any conclusion, he let you decide what you believe is true.
Another important character of the novel is Daisy, Nick’s cousin. She is obsessed with money, which is a reason, why she did not married her love, Gatsby, when he was poor military man. After years, when they met again and

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