The Great Gatsby Historical Inaccuracies

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The movie begins with Nick Carraway in a psychiatric hospital receiving treatment for alcoholism, insomnia, anxiety, and fits of anger. He talks to his doctor about Jay Gatsby the most hopeful man he had ever met. His doctor suggests that he writes all he has to say down to make discussing it easier. In the summer of 1922 Nick moves to New York City in hopes of pursuing a carrier in Wall Street. He moves in next to the mansion of Gatsby a mysterious billionaire that often threw extravagant parties. One day he decides to visit his cousin’s house, while he is there he has dinner with his cousin Daisy Buchanan and her husband Tom. He gets introduce to Jordan Baker by Daisy who hopes they take a liking to each other. During the dinner a woman …show more content…

First in the beginning of the movie hip hop style music was played when Nick starts his story to his doctor how ever this is inaccurate because this style of music was not invented till the 1970s. Secondly the way the characters dressed in the movie thou they were similar to the fashion of the 1920 they were also changed to fit the idea of the movie. The clothes were made flashier and sexier to fit the point of the movie. Secondly at the beginning of the movie the doctor gives Nick a ballpoint pen which was not invented till many years later in ww2. Next in the movie Gatsby is shown with a Duesenberg Model J which was not invented till 1929, 7 years after the movie is said to take place 1922. Also when tom and nick visit the valley of ashes a steam train is shown however ten long island railroad ports Washington line which runs from the island north shore to flushing was electrified in 1918. Also the phone that is seen ringing in toms house is a French phone that was not invented till the mid 1930s, in 1922 you would have had to use the candle stick phone. These are just a few in accuracies. The movie also contained very few moments that could be noted as historically accurate. However if one historical accuracy must be noted one can say that the portrayal of the roaring twenties is very accurate. The roaring twenties was a romantic world filled with flashy cars, fast women, parties that go on for days and false friends. The movie portrayed this idea in the most elaborate fashion possible which makes that something that’s accurate in the

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