The Great Leaps Westward

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The reasoning behind the studies the RGA wanted to conduct was because they have reason to suspect that there are problems that can potentially cause complications with the Great Leaps Westward. Like a second shadow, the most noteworthy detail was the FYC having a wide spectrum of influence over Ryanites in places such as the Cornhusker State. The results of this are arguably stupendous: a vast majority of the Ryanites in these states believe that they should instead collaborate with the FYC and their allies by offering aid to the FYC’s endeavors in both the Plaid Prohibition and Brotzmanskrieg. To make matters worse, the number of Ryanites sympathetic to the FYC greatly outnumbers the number of Ryanites who are in support of the Great Leaps Westward, as well as Catholic Brotzmanskrieg factions like the RGA or the Underground. Indeed, these Ryanites who decided to align themselves with the FYC, also gave the FYC the privilege to evangelize in their Catholic schools and Catholic high schools, provided that the FYC offers them material goods and prestige and power. By doing so, these Ryanite collaborators allowed their fellow Kameraden to commit apostasy and join the Protestant sect of their choosing. Like the temptation of Eve by the serpent in the Garden of Eden, consuming the delicious fruit grown from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, from which it caused Man to be inflicted with Original Sin, the FYC did not always keep their end of the bargain with the
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