The Greek And Greek Influence Of The Roman Empire

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Another empire would soon take many influences from the Greeks. In Rome, an empire was beginning to rise. Roman civilization had its roots in Hellenistic culture because they idolized them. They borrowed and enhanced upon the Greek intellectual accomplishments. As the empire expanded this would become increasingly important. As the Romans continued to expand their empire and influence, they were also spreading the culture of those who influenced them—the Greeks. The Roman Empire at their peak had a vast control over much of the Mediterranean and into Europe—controlling much of Britain, Spain, France, the North African coast, much of Asia minor. Within these regions they had vast numbers provinces where they would allow rule the local …show more content…

These effects reached from China, India, the Middle East, and some portions of Africa. As different regions adopted new aspects of life, they further implement that into their culture. Then the as the culture grows, it grows with the influences adopted form that of the Romans—who borrowed it form the Greeks. Similarly, with the Romans and Macedonians their conquest and implementation of their culture was the main source of the spread of Hellenistic culture. However the combination of controlling more regions and being more involved with global trade, the Romans were able to further expand Greek influence than those before them. Soon the Roman Empire began to decline and an even more impactful implementation of Greek culture began to arise in a region to the east.
As the Roman Empire fell and small Kingdoms began to arise throughout Europe, in a different region of the world, an intellectual revolution began and flourished. During a period between the eighth and ninth centuries, the Islamic world of the Middle East Experienced its “Golden Age”. This was a period of advancements in the sciences, astronomy, mathematics, and medicine. The main source contributed to these advancements is from the Greeks. However this Golden Age may have been delayed for many years if not for a man named Mamun. Mamun was a Caliph who would

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