Roman Empire Vs Greek Empire

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The Roman Empire versus the Greek Empire
The Greece and the Roman empires are considered to be amongst the most powerful empires in history as their impact is still felt some 2000 years after they were conquered. The Greece Empire is said to have lasted for approximately 350 years while the Roman Empire is said to have lasted for between 500 and 1500 years based on how one interprets the rule of the Romans (Ahbel-Rappe 530). Over time, there has been a debate on which of the two empires was strong than the other based on the impacts to the ancient world. From the debates, it has been noted that some individuals hold on to the fact that the Romans managed to develop a world that the Greeks only dreamed about while others have maintained that the Greeks had built a better world than the Romans (Roisman 410). Based on my knowledge of the two empires, I think the Romans were better than the Greeks thus making the Greeks to dream of building a world similar to that of Romans. As such, this paper will give points for and against my claim.
Why the Greeks dreamt of the Roman World
There are some reasons that are given to explain why the Greeks dreamt of having what the Romans had built over time. Firstly, it is important to note that the Greeks are the people who invented philosophy and science. On the other hand, despite having great philosophers and scientists, the Romans produced engineers, administrators, and architects, unlike the Greeks. As a result of this,

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