The Green Violinist

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The Green Violinist by Marc Chagall is the work of art I am going to analyze. The Fiddler aka The Green Violinist is the main figure in this painting. He stands out more than any other figure. In this painting, The Green Violinist is on the roof of a house. Marc Chagall uses scale and proportion when making this painting. The angle of this artwork makes The Fiddler resemble a giant but he is not.. He doesn't seem connected to other figures in the painting. He looks like an outcast and doesn't fit in. In the background, I see a dog and his companion playing in the backyard. I also see a person in the sky "flying" and someone is trying to reach for them. Marc Chagall used a variety of colors. The artist used a high contrast of white in the background. The background of “The Green Violinist” is dull and full of nude colors such as shades of brown and white. Marc Chagall wanted the violinist to stand out . The violinist was painted by the use of cool colors and secondary colors such as purple, green and a splash of orange. His face is green, in my opinion, I think that gives off his emotions. Maybe, he is sick or lonely and that is why his face is green. The violinist’s outfit is purple and his violin is orange. The shapes Marc Chagall used to create The Fiddler are…show more content…
It seems as though the violin is the only important thing to him. The violin is the main thing that is keeping The Fiddler together. The Fiddler's music is calm and soothing because everyone else in the painting is happy and enjoying themselves. I think the flying man is representing how the music is making them happy. The image is revolve around the artist's imagination and memory. The artist, Marc Chagall moved to Paris from Russia. When he moved he experienced extreme culture shock and loneliness. He did not know anyone and he wasn't familiar with anything. The Green Violinist represents Marc Chagall when he moved to
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