Antoine Watteau's La Perspective

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Antoine Watteau’s La Perspective (View through the Trees in the Park of Pierre Crozat) uses many elements of the Rococo style of painting to instill a sense of intimacy. In this painting, members of the elite society gather unceremoniously in a wooded clearing. The people make casual exchanges as they mingle in the park. Trees and foliage dominate a majority of the painting. A small white building can be seen in the background through a clearing in the trees. Watteau uses color, composition, setting, and pose in the painting to create intimacy.
It is evident through the peoples clothing that these are in fact members of the elite. Both men and women are clad in expensive, adorned clothing. They sit on the ground in their ornate clothes. While the clothing appears formal, the event does not.
There is an overt sense of leisure and intimacy established through the social exchanges in this painting. A man in the foreground is playing a guitar to a lady, which adds a cheery, relaxed mood. On the right side of the painting, children play on the ground, which shows how this is a joyful event. While there are many social interactions being made, the people in this painting are very generalized. Watteau purposely does not paint many of the people’s faces to put emphasis on the landscape and setting.
The setting of La Perspective is most utilized to create intimacy. Set in a park in the middle of the woods, Watteau greatly emphasizes the landscape. Trees and foliage fill most of the

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