The Growth Of A Kid

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In the growth of a kid, the living environment is very important. It directly has an influence on the way of thinking, acting of a kid and decides who it would become in the future. Paying attention to the kids, teach them values and give what they need is very important to set up a good foundation in the growth of your kid. Recently, there are many videos on YouTube that raised an alarming bell for adults on children 's behavior. "We have no religion or nation. We slaughter children, women, and the elderly” a young boy in a group of El Mahalia city, Egypt, said. That is the content of one in many other video recordings of children simulating the execution of the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS). In early March, Gulf News reported that a group of Yemeni teenagers locked a 10 year old boy in a cage made of wood and burned. They simulated the act of IS in executions Jordanian pilots. Earlier, a group of other children in Yemen also simulated beheading 21 people in Libya Christians of IS. In the clip “Children see, children do” a young girl under ten holds a cigarette in hand and smoke comes out from her mouth, she does exactly what a women before her is doing, or a boy drinks a coke and throws it away just like his father. All say that the children learn everything they see and do it even better than adults. According to the theory of behavior, all of human behaviors are starting from learning from others, and one of the factors that maintains behaviors is reinforcement

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