The Guerrilla Girls Rebellion

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Rebellion can be defined as the resistance or defiance of any authority, control or tradition. There are many forms of rebellion present in contemporary society ranging from protests, graffiti, advertising, art, and music. The list goes on as the does the various issues contemporary society often rebels against. Rebellion against government, authority and institutions occurs regularly across the globe due to problems such as corruption, sexism, racism and many more. Feminist art group, The Guerrilla Girls, face many of these problems in society and art museums. Their poster Naked Through the Ages particularly targets the Metropolitan Museum of Art as they question the sexism present on the gallery walls. Another radically rebellious art group…show more content…
The Russian Investigation Committee stated that Voina's goals are to "carry out PR actions directed against the authorities, and specifically against law enforcement officials with the aim of discrediting them in the eyes of the public.” This, in essence, is the definition of rebellion. In 2010 Voina staged one of their many defying acts, Giant Galactic Space Penis, aimed at Russia's KGB successor agency, the FSB, as a protest against the security measures taken due to the International Economic Forum. In the early morning, Voina made their way to Liteiny Bridge, located in front of the FSB headquarters. In 23 seconds, the group painted a 65 meter high, 27 meter wide phallus on the face of the bridge. The rebels who were supposed to write an acronym linking the artwork directly to the FSB did not make it to the scene but at 2am when the bridge rose, the giant penis directly faced the FSB, aiming a massive “fuck you” in their direction as organised. When fire trucks arrived and started washing off the obscenity, Voina representatives were there shouting “they destroyed a spectacular work of art by the group Voina.” Giant Galactic Space Penis was a rebellious act by a group of radical artists who refuse to passively sit and watch as government and authority rule unfairly. Their protest art ironically won the 2010…show more content…
The artists dedicated this piece to the mayor of Moscow, Yuri Luzhkov, who was known to be corrupt and suppressive and was dismissed from office in 2010. Voina entered the store under the premises that they were filming a gift for Luzhkov. They provided fake documents to security guards and shop attendants from the Mayor’s office giving them permission to film in the store as their presence was questioned on arrival. During the staged performance five people were sentenced to death, three Central Asian migrant workers and two Russian gay activists. Each one of them were marched up a ladder, and hung by a noose from their necks as their bodies shook with spasms and went limp. A Voina member wearing a Pro-Putin youth group vest walks along the line of hanging bodies between crowds of customers and employees to check for signs of life. (youtube) In an interview, core Voina member Alexei Plutser-Sarno stated “The ‘dead men’ that were hung in the supermarket in broad daylight were our gift to the authorities that pursue the policy of executions and slavery in Russia. In that action we played the roles of executors mocking homophobia, xenophobia and anti-Semitism of people in power.” Russian authorities have a long history trying to suppress many different people including the Lesbian, Gay,
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