The Halloween Party : The Horror Story Of The Halloween Party

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The Halloween party

Sally James is a 16 years old girl, she lives in a small town called Gellergreen. There are 1000 people who lives there, there are two schools, one primary school and one high school, one grocery store and it is some sort of a mall. It is a very little mall maybe only six to seven stores. Sally goes to Centralperk high school, there are around 100 students at the school.

Sally gets invited to a Halloween party, everyone in going. The party is at the old and abandoned house, Withmore, which is located at the end of Gellergreen town. Withmore is famous for things that are happening there at every Halloween night. Every Halloween children disappears, and all the children has disappeared when they have walked …show more content…

She didn't want to be a slutty nurse, but now she didn't have time to shop because the party was the same night her friends got her the nurse costume.

Sally and her friends met up two hours before the party stared, they were getting ready together. Her friend, Rachel, was dressing up as wonder woman and her other friend, Alice, was dressing up as cat woman. Just that both of them was a little bit more slutty. Sally wasn't really exited to go, she was really scared, all she could think about was that every year children gets disappeared or kidnapped inside of Withmore house. And now it was almost 100 people that were going.

They were standing outside of the house ready to go in, Sally could feel her heart outside of her chest. As they walked up the stairs to the entrance door, Sally got chills all over her body and she felt it get colder and colder. Sally's friends was so excited, the first thing they did were getting some drinks and talk to some boys. Sally wasn't really in a party mode, she needed some water in her face. Sally asked some dude where the bathroom was, and he said:” It is over there.” And he pointed at the closest door. Sally walked up to the door that she thought was the door to the bathroom, the door was hard to open so she had to punch the door in. When she did that she fell down the stairs, because the door went to the basement.

When she fell, she fell so

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