Similarities Between Langston Hughes And May

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The Harlem Renaissance period was a time during the 1920s and 1930s in which the African American cultural, social, and artistic build up that took place in Harlem, New York. During this time period African Americans began expressing their thoughts and feelings towards slavery, segregation, as well discrimination received from the Whites. This was a time where many authors, poets and musicians made a stand and spoke out for themselves and their people. Langston Hughes and Claude McKay are two poets during this time period that expressed their thoughts and feelings to this time period, each in very different ways. Hughes and McKay each wrote touching poems that described their point of view to this time period in which they use various methods of tone and theme, as well as similes to convey a vivid image of how it was during this time period for African Americans. Hughes could easily be expressed as the Martin Luther King Jr. of the Harlem Renaissance period, as to where McKay would be considered as Malcolm X of the time period.
Langston Hughes was a major poet during the Harlem Renaissance period, who not only wanted to express the suffering but also the enjoyment of the time period. Hughes expresses his feelings, giving us the tone, in his poem “Harlem”, by addressing racism as well as oppression in a calm matter. Rather than accusing or addressing those at fault and whom he disagrees with, Hughes takes a different route and instead, in a roundabout way, questions the

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