The Harms of Losing Predatory Animals

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Though it is not as commonly known, loss of predatory animals can be just as bad, if not worse, for the environment than the loss of prey animals. The depletion of animals like bears, mountain lions, and wolves have affected the environment around us in more ways than one might think.
The deciduous forest can be a very harsh environment to live in. The temperature can range from extremely cold during the winter to nice sunny, fairly warm days in the summer. Precipitation can be anywhere from fifty to 200 inches in one year, which is a pretty big range. Deciduous forests are filled with different kinds of organisms. The most important predatory animals are wolves, bears, and mountain lions. If they were gone, the population of rabbits and deer would skyrocket which would throw off the stability of the forest. Bears, wolves, and mountain lions all live together in the deciduous forests of northern California. They live in other places, but this is one of the few where they all share a space in the environment.
The decline in numbers of bears, wolves, and mountain lions were all caused by their one biggest shared predator: Humans. We almost knocked out three whole species because we honestly believed they were bad for the environment. We wanted to save all the cute little animals, and did not realize the huge impact it would be on the environment if the predators were gone. Humans have been hunting bears for both sport and extermination for about one hundred years. Wolves have

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