The Hate List

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The Hate List by Jennifer Brown is about the aftermath of a school shooting. Valerie Leftman's boyfriend Nick was the shooter, she had no idea that he was going to shoot up the school but she was implicated in the crime because she made a hate list of everything her and Nick both hated. Nick had taken his victims off of the list. Valerie was wounded trying to stop him and then Nick took his own life. After the summer Valerie had to come back for her senior year and face the guilt and move on with her life. The most relatable character in the novel is Valerie. “The lump in my throat was too big. It seemed surreal that I was about to be walking the same hallways with these kids who I knew so well, but who seemed like complete …show more content…

“In a way, Nick had been right: We all got to be winners sometimes. But what he didn’t understand was that we all had to be losers, too.” (Brown 398).Valerie finds peace in the ceremony. Letting it all go was what she needed. Life is what it is, but what someone does with their life is what counts. Valerie did not start the events that took place, but she did not really stop them either. The shooting was a traumatic event

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