The Hays County Food Bank

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This semester the agency that I chose to work closely with is the Hays County Food Bank. This is a private nonprofit agency that distributes food to the people who are truly struggling to make ends meet. There is currently no longer a social worker at the food bank, but I did interview my two supervisors. I worked closely with my two supervisors, Jason and Chadwic, while both work for this nonprofit agency and both have a bachelor’s degree, they have very different backgrounds and experiences. The Volunteer Services Coordinator, Jason Kamimoto, achieved his bachelors at a school located in Hawaii. Jason makes sure there is enough volunteers present each day to make every distribution successful. Although this is Jason’s first nonprofit…show more content…
Each day is a different assignment; the clients use our website to know where and when each distribution is everyday that week plus at each distribution it is announced before the distribution begins. (The Hays County Food Bank 2016)
The social problem my agency focuses on is trying to end the hunger within the community; we give in-kind benefits of food to clients twice a week. We even do emergency food to people who are truly in need. I’m very fortunate that the agency I chose not only helps individual clients in Hay County, but also supports other agencies within San Marcos such as South Side, Hope and Love, Redwood and multiple other agencies. These agencies serve the homeless, elderly, children, families and individuals who are economically disadvantaged. The requirements are pretty simple the potential client has to live in Hays County and also meet the federal income guidelines, otherwise known as means testing. The individual clients seem embarrassed at first, they try to explain their situation, but I explain to them that I’m not there to judge. When they start to become regulars you can tell they are there to provide for their families. Most of the people who come in are either college students or middle-aged family members. A lot of the clients were white and Hispanic women, who are trying to provide for their family.
As the volunteer Coordinator informed me we get our funding through public and private grants, city funding, and even private donations. The
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