The Head of Poseidon

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The Head of Poseidon
Greek mythology is thought to be very fascinating to many people; I personally wanted to learn more about it and the Hellenistic period. A new cultural age was led by Alexander the Great when he took over Egypt and the Near East, historians refer to this period as Hellenistic. The Hellenistic period started when Alexander died in about 320 BCE and continued approximately three eras, pending the dual killing of Queen Cleopatra of Egypt and her Roman partner Mark Antony in 30 BCE after their pivotal overthrow at the combat of Actium by Antony’s opponent Augustus. During that time, Augustus made Egypt a jurisdiction of the Roman Empire. The cultural centers of the Hellenistic period were the court cities of the Greek
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Then from time to time, when he was in a corrupt mood, Poseidon would attack the ground floor with a trident and cause disruptive earthquakes, drownings, and shipwrecks. Poseidon was comparable to his brother Zeus in utilizing his power on women and in portraying masculinity. (Kleiner, 123) He had several love affairs and engendered various children. Poseidon on one occasion married a Nereid, Amphitrite, and formed Triton who was half-human and half-fish. He also impregnated the Gorgon Medusa to give birth to Chrysaor and Pegasus, the flying horse. The rape of Aethra by Poseidon stemmed in the delivery of Theseus; and he changed Caeneus into a man, at her request, after raping her. Another rape involved Amymone when she tried to escape from a satyr and Poseidon rescued her. Other descendants of Poseidon include: Eumolpus, the Giant Sinis, Polyphemus, Orion, King Amycus, Proteus, Agenor and Belus from Europa, Pelias, and the King of Egypt, Busiris. One of the most disreputable love encounters of Poseidon includes his sister, Demeter. Poseidon chased Demeter and to escape him she turned herself into a mare. In his lust for her, Poseidon changed himself into a horse and took her. Their encounter resulted in a horse offspring, Arion. It is thought that Poseidon and Demeter are a good match because they reign as the god and goddess of fertility. An additional notorious story of Poseidon consists of the rivalry
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