Classic Greek Philosophy

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The downfall of Greece’s Mycenaean period was thought to have begun from internal civil turmoils that led to an unstable government. The weakened government left the country vulnerable to foreign mariners who took advantage, invaded, and destroyed much of the country.
2. Describe Classic Greek Philosophy.
Classic Greek Philosophy is largely based on the ideologies of Socrates and those who supported and added on to his ideas, such as Plato and Aristotle. Rather than believing that the world was created by one or many gods, Socrates and other Greeks relied on observable evidence, scientific reasoning, and realistic thoughts to explain the natural processes of the world.
3. What was the social organization of the Hellenistic Kingdoms?
During the Hellenistic period, Greek culture was widespread across the Mediterranean. After the death of Alexander the Great, the Hellenistic empire broke up into kingdoms and were ruled by kings. The Hellenistic kingdoms retained much of the Greek’s philosophy, science, literature, and art. The kingdoms administered cosmopolitan societies, interacted frequently with people from Greece to India, and integrated the economies and societies of far away regions by facilitating trade.

1. Identify and Explain the differences between Classical Greek Philosophy and Hellenistic Philosophy? (1/3)
Hellenistic philosophers believed that a single god ruled the entire universe, whereas Greek philosophers believed that gods did not attribute to the

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