The Healing Hospital Paradigm Essay

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The inception of the “Healing Hospital” is not new. Healing hospitals in various forms have been around throughout history. As hospitals were slowly taken over by religious orders they became more holistic concentrating on all aspects of healing including physical, mental, and spiritual. Instead of focusing on the patient as a carrier of disease and death they began to look at them as a person that has certain fundamental needs for existence. One of these needs as fore mentioned is spirituality. Spirituality simply defined “is that which relates to or affects the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things. Spirituality touches that part of you that is not dependent on material things or physical comforts” (Living Words …show more content…

Healing Hospitals have specific components that comprise their makeup. They are” 1) A healing physical environment, 2) The integration of work design and technology. 3) A culture of radical loving care” (Mercy Gilbert Medical Center, n.d.). These three components intermingled with spiritualty makes up the basis for the healing hospital.
The first component speaks of a healing environment. This is an environment that is restful to the patient and the patient‘s family. There are no overhead paging, no sweepers going down the hall at night, promotion of a calming stress free environment for staff and patients to connect with their internal spirituality. The implementation of something as simple as a relaxation garden or massage treatment can go far in helping a patient rejuvenate so that they can move forward.
The second component is integrating work design and technology. Examples of this are the use of back hallways and patient only elevators to transport patients in an attempt to keep their privacy and self-esteem intact. Patients have the use of channels in the privacy of their rooms that allow them to find information pertinent to their condition along with channels that promote relaxation to enhance healing. Also important is the use of updated equipment to decrease patient stress over what we in the medical community consider simple procedures or tests. Equipment that can get fast

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