Human Experience of Illness

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Human Experience of Illness Student Name Grand Canyon University: HLT 310V February 27, 2016 Human Experience of Illness One of the main goals of healthcare facilities is to provide the patients with a “healing environment”. The goal of the healing environment is to remove the patient from all the toxic and hazards to give them time to heal. Three concepts that help creating a stable environment will be explain in this paper. These concepts are the seen environment, the unseen environment, and the storied environment. Three concept of the Healing Environment The seen environment is the physical environment that pertains to all the objects that can be touched, seen, smelled, measured, etc. Painting the rooms with neutral colors help…show more content…
Hope creates a God’s presence and help us persevere in difficult situations. This allows us to channel hope to patients and that they are not alone, God will always be there for them. Patients who lose hope tend to be self-destructive and have no goals in life, this can be detrimental to patient health recover. The phenomenology of illness and disease explains on how it is like to have a disease or illness. Getting diagnosed with a disorder or disease can be very confusing and stressful. Getting all the information needed to be able to understand your diagnosis can help overcome stress and clear all confusion from your mind. Maintaining a healthy diet and healthy mind will help understanding your body and keep it from illnesses. The seen environment present when reading The Death of Ivan Ilych story is the way Ivan’s family lived and the way Ivan treated everyone with coldness. The unseen was depicted by the atmosphere present in Ivan’s’ room, making friends and family members uncomfortable to be there. The storied environment is when Ivan realizes that his life has been a mistake and he converts religiously, he finds God and Ivan repents from all his sins, it is not until then that he found peace in his mind. Personal experience with Disease I experienced illness when my Dad was diagnosed with cancer. The most devastating aspect of this experience was when we had to make a choice as a family on how we were going
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