The Health Care System Of The United States

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Has the introduction of the Affordable Care Act “Obama Care” made the Health Care System in the United States better or worse? Please provide evidence, statistics, information, argument to support your answer. In your answer, please address the following issues in the Health Care System of the United States:
1. The Quality of health care
2. The Access to health care
3. The affordability of health care

Affordable Health Care Act Affordable Health care has been an ongoing issue in the United States for many years. Generations of politicians have been determined to make the cost, quality, and, access of healthcare affordable for all citizens. However, problems associated with this matter have created much controversy. Many facts exists concerning “Obama Care”, facts that point out how the Affordable Care Act helped the United States save billions of dollars for insurance companies and the American people. On the hand, some Americans are not satisfied with “Obama Care”, because of high insurance premiums, deductibles, and co-payments that are coming out of the general public paying out of pocket for this plan. However, because of Obama Care quality, access, and affordability of health care has made some significant differences in many areas. Areas such as protections and regulation of an out-of-control insurance industry. Insurance companies can no longer execute high premiums of annual or lifetime limits on the amount of

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