The Health History And The Symptoms Of The Heart, Blood Vessels, And Respiratory System

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Jonas has been experiencing problems pertaining to his heart, blood vessels, and respiratory system. He has had chronic hypertension for 7 years and his doctor prescribed medication for it, but Jonas has not been taking it frequently enough to actually bring his blood pressure down. He usually misses three pills a week, so of the estimated 2,500 hypertension medication doses that he was supposed to take, he has only taken around 1,450 doses. His breathing has suffered as he has shortness of breath, wheezing, and a constant bloody cough. In addition to the blood being apparent in his cough, his ankles, legs, abdomen, and neck vein are all swollen or distended. In order to treat Jonas, we have to look at previous health history, genetic…show more content…
The other type of classification is the American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association guidelines. This is a classification using letters A-D, where A is a patient without heart failure, B is a patient showing no signs or symptoms but does have heart failure, C is a patient that is experiencing some signs or symptoms, and D is a patient with advanced heart failure. Jonas would be class D in this classification (Hunt 2997-2998). The first test that would help to see Jonas’s heart behavior better would be a physical. The doctor could see his swollen abdomen, legs, ankles, and neck vein. The doctor would use a stethoscope to heart any abnormalities in his chest. He would also be able to tell that Jonas had a chronic bloody cough based on questions that he could ask him. All of Jonas’s genetic and health history would be covered by the basic questions that doctors ask all their patients during a physical. Due to his chronic hypertension, the probability that he has CHF is increased, but does not necessarily mean that he definitely has CHF. At this point, the doctor may have a general idea that Jonas has CHF. However, more extensive tests must be used to correctly diagnose Jonas (Figueroa 406-407). Several tests are used to look at how well the heart is functioning. A B-type Natriuretic Peptide (BNP) Blood Test would be given to test for heart failure. The blood is taken and put into

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