The Health History And The Symptoms Of The Heart, Blood Vessels, And Respiratory System

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Jonas has been experiencing problems pertaining to his heart, blood vessels, and respiratory system. He has had chronic hypertension for 7 years and his doctor prescribed medication for it, but Jonas has not been taking it frequently enough to actually bring his blood pressure down. He usually misses three pills a week, so of the estimated 2,500 hypertension medication doses that he was supposed to take, he has only taken around 1,450 doses. His breathing has suffered as he has shortness of breath, wheezing, and a constant bloody cough. In addition to the blood being apparent in his cough, his ankles, legs, abdomen, and neck vein are all swollen or distended.
In order to treat Jonas, we have to look at previous health history, genetic history, and the symptoms that are currently present in order to see exactly what the problem is. Getting a general history during a physical from Jonas has shown that he smokes one pack of cigarettes a day, and has been smoking that amount for the past 31 years. Smoking has been proven to increase blood pressure in long-term smokers (Jatoi 981). His father had high blood pressure and eventually died of a heart attack. It is possible that there is a genetic link that his father’s high blood pressure was passed on to him. It is more likely that the environment that Jonas grew up in did not encourage healthy diet and exercise, so a thorough questioning of his normal diet and exercise habits would help to see why he is experiencing symptoms of…
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