The Healthcare Problem Of The United States

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Anita Johnson PSL7020 – Professional Practice and Collaboration in a Diverse and Dynamic World [u05a1] Unit 5 Assignment 1 Capella University 2/22/2017 The healthcare problem of the United States is complex, but not necessarily difficult. There are abundant of problems, each is blunt enough to recognized and is remediable. While negotiations have fixated wholly on the fees and accessibility for health insurance. Only after the real material of the problem is understood can a solution be found, Here is my viewpoint as a certified nurse aide on issues that make healthcare intricate and what can be done about it. The relationship between what specialists and hospitals charge for …show more content…

As this learner is pursuing her second career, I understand that it is nearly impossible to gain education in the medical field in the United States without winding-up up in debt. ‘The Association of American Medical Colleges reported ‘that the average debt of a graduate from a US medical school currently exceeds $155,000, {, 2017)’. In umpiring the rationale of high medical subscriptions, one must ponder “insurance” in addition to “time” and “materials. Because of some doctor’s incompleteness is the reason why there’s such a thing as malpractice suites. ‘In the middle of my research I found out that “more than 90,000 Americans annually die needlessly from medical mistakes. We were trained to always wash and disinfect our hands whenever we go from one patient to another. Doctors who are unqualified and unexperienced with using special equipment fail to treat the critically ill. Many Americans, are ignorant to the basic science, specifically pertaining to the make-up and functioning of their own bodies. They cannot tell accurately whether the hurt is It was stated that in ‘2008, there were over 43 million Americans without health insurance coverage (Heyman, Barnes, and Schiller, 2009)’. ‘The 2008 Kaiser Survey, about 29 percent of the uninsured postponed health care because of cost considerations (Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured, 2009).” While it might be fairly easy to

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