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Hotel Rwanda Essay From the beginning of AP World to the end, we have been using the 5 basic themes of AP World. Theme 1 is Interaction Between Humans and the Environment. Theme 2 is Development and Interaction of Cultures. Theme 3 is State-Building, Expansion and Conflict. Theme 4 is Creation, Expansion and Interaction of Economic Systems. Theme 5 is Development and Transformation of Social Structures. All of these themes apply in the movie Hotel Rwanda. Hotel Rwanda portrays how the Rwandan Civil War went down and how the Milles Collines helped save many Hutus from being killed by the Tutsi. Theme 1 which is Interaction Between Humans and the Environment applies in the movie. Theme 1 means the development of demography, disease, …show more content…

They were going to get revenge, one way or another. Theme 4 is Creation, Expansion and Interaction of Economic Systems which means the creation of agricultural and pastoral production, trade, labor systems, industrialization etc. In the beginning of the movie, the Hutus were controlling the Tutsis and made them work under them. But once the revolt began, the Hutus were either being killed or had to be a slave for the Tutsis. Theme 5 is Development and Transformation of Social Structures, which means the development of gender roles, family and kinship, racial and ethic constructions and social and economic classes. In the movie, the social status of the Tutsis were basically slaves. They were the under dogs and were treated less than the Hutus. The development of the Tutsis began throughout the movie, from the under dogs, being controlled to controlling the Hutus and being above them. The main causes of the Rwandan Civil War were the horrible living conditions, the UN not really caring about the violence in Rwanda and the Hutus treating the Tutsis like slaves and not treating them as equals. There are many things that could have been done to prevent the civil war. First is the UN. They should have taken a bigger charge and should have done their best to stop all violence. Also, they could of helped with the tough economic times. This would have kept the Tutsis mine off revenge and possibly

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