The Hellenistic Era

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“She was born with a bow in hand.” They’d always say. As I would stride past them on cobblestone pathways, my instrument case hefty on my arm, I could hear them muttering and mumbling to themselves.

“They say she’s the daughter of Apollo. I can see it in her face, look at the jawline!’

“She’s so lucky to be the daughter of a god…”

“I hear her eyes look just like the sun’s rays. They say she even has a tinge of orange in them!”

Oh, yes. They always talked. They gossiped just like housewives did, out on the streets and in the wheat fields and in the apple orchards. That is why, whenever I walked down the wide cobblestone path, the subject of their endless wishful desires, they never saw me. I always laughed when I thought of how …show more content…

As the wind brushed the back of my dress, I turned around to overlook the waves of golden ocean, pouring into the small town I called home. But, my eyes became fixed on the sun. It was so wonderful, so beautiful as it rose out of its slumber in the mountains. I always felt the sun’s warmth on my cloudy white dress, and I loved how it always felt like my father’s hugs.

“Um, hello? Will you stop staring at the sun already? You’re going to burn your eyes right out of your head, Diantha! The festival’s going to be over by the time you get inside!” A snarky voice snapped behind me.

“Oh, be patient, Byron. Your laurel will burn if you keep on overheating.” I brushed her aside, knowing all too well it made her angry.

“I will personally call your dad from the clouds to come stop you, Diantha! No, no no, actually, I’ll call your mom so maybe she can deflate that balloon you’ve got for a head!”

“Grr, could you tone it down a bit? I’m trying to get in an extra 3 minutes..’ a muffled voice came from my case.

“Oh, look at that! You woke Amilluxe. I can’t even do that.” I placed the silk case on the marble floor, colored by the sun’s reflection on the large stained glass mural at the back of the structure, opening it up very carefully. In the bed of black wool, lay a white viola, with a white bow to match. I grabbed the neck of the instrument

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