Greek Vs. Hellenistic Civilization

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In western ancient world, there were kings who tried to bring the world come together ideologically, culturally and politically. This caused lots of cultural exchange between people and help them understand and respect each other’s ways of life. On the other hand, politically, it created a lot of major wars. It took a large amount of resources and decades to end these wars. As a result of these wars, most kingdoms suffered from both economical and political problems. Therefore, it is fair to say that Greek/Hellenistic civilization could be characterized as being a period of intellectual and cultural achievement but political failure.
In the Hellenistic world, there were a lot of intellectual success in Greek. This was a period when a lot of History writers came to life. Herodotus and Thucydides were well known history writers. These writers wrote about current events such as the Persia and Peloponnesian war. There were many entertainments been done in the city-state to delight the residents such as drama. Aeschy and Sophocles were famous for writing tragedy type of dramas. Aristophane was known for his comedy work. All their dramas were a reflection of the reality of Greek in the Hellenistic world.
The political failure of the Greek led the country to a great war. According to Herodotus, who dedicate his life writing real ancient stories in the fifth century BC shows that the catalyst was a political conflict in Miletus started Persian war. Athens, Sparta and other polies

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