The Hellenistic Historiography Of The Book Of Acts

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Many scholars agree that the book of Acts is the work of Luke, the evangelist, (Van Eemeren, F. H., & Grootendorst, R., 1992) . The original reader of Acts was intended for a man named Theophilus to read, according to Bourdieu, P. (2000). There was difficulty in finding one date that the Books of Acts was written. The possible dates scholars believe the book of Acts was written was between 60 CE-150 CE. Luke's intentions for writing the book of Acts was to document accounts of the early church and to help shed light of the Holy Spirit, the ministry of the apostles, Paul and his dealings with the Jerusalem apostles, and the advancement of Christianity (Bourdieu, P.,2000). Acts is a Hellenistic Historiography. The book of Acts is described as a two part historiography. Some scholars and historians view the book of Acts as being fairly precise and validated by archaeology, and in …show more content…

One major theme I noticed immediately while reading the passage that comes from Acts 3:6 But Peter said, "I have no silver or gold but what I have I give you; in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, stand up and walk." Jesus wants His brothers and sisters to use the resources God has equipped us with. We have the ability to heal what is broken. It is because of Him that we have power and the resources to heal. It is to be used for the sake of our community; Then, and now.
Modern medical care uses high tech equipment to monitor people with serious illnesses and injuries. Their "vital signs" give us hope. In spiritual matters, too, we live by signs (Bruce, F. F., 2007). Luke's account of the healing of a crippled beggar gives readers a perfect miracle to rest in when feeling discouraged with the trials and

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