The Hidden Danger Of Online Education Essay

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Speech 3: Informative Speech Preparation Outline The Hidden Danger of Online Education, by Kimberly Ramirez STATEMENT OF TOPIC: The hidden danger of online education. GENERAL PURPOSE: To inform online students about the hidden dangers of unhealthy ergonomic behaviors and their lasting health impacts. SPECIFIC PURPOSE: To report on the growing development of repetitive stress injuries in students, how it develops, and how to mitigate the risks. THESIS: Through the awareness of the dangers of repetitive stress injuries and how they develop, online students can mitigate or reduce their exposure to maintain long term health. Introduction I. Attention-getting device: Stop! Whatever you are doing, right now, I want you to freeze and take a quick inventory of your body positioning. Is your head tilted down towards your screen? Are your wrists resting on the corner of a table or desk? What is your posture doing? When was the last time you stopped and stretched or took a physical break from your computer? You may relax now. II. Statement of thesis or purpose: According to a 2012 journal article by Rhonda Epstein titled “The effects of feedback on computer workstation posture habits,” she states, “The lack of attention to correct body posture while using computers has become a serious health hazard… Tens of thousands of people each year are diagnosed with repetitive stress injuries,” which are also known as RSIs. RSIs often begin as dull pains that eventually grow into limited

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