The High Priority For School Districts

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Response to Changes
Elementary Level Changes occurred in other areas rather than just writing. In elementary schools, teaching phonics has become extremely important. Phonics is important for students in learning vocabulary and how to read. Additionally, elementary reading requirements have become more vigorous. Elementary curriculums are changing drastically to help students prepare for the new Common Core requirements. Many teachers are going through tons of hours of training and doing a lot of extra work to learn new reading curriculums. The new elementary trainings are costing school districts heaps of money and costing teachers’ voluminous hours of time, making many teachers disgruntled and frustrated with the change. However, these changes are important for teaching the Common Core, which is why spending money on improving curriculums and educating teachers has become a high priority for school districts.
Secondary Level In secondary education, the Common Core is expecting reading, writing, speaking, and listening to be taught in a variety of subject areas, not just ELA. Students should be reading an assortment of texts and writing and speaking about the texts in social studies, science, and technical subjects as well. Having class discussions and using writing to share ideas are simple ways to teach about nonfiction and informational texts in any subject area. By exposing students to a variety of nonfiction pieces in different subjects, it is broadening their

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