The High School Dropout Age

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Among one of the numerous debates of today, dropout age seems to be among the most debated. While the general public may wonder why dropout age is even an issue, many will agree that this is a topic worth mentioning in the world today. So what's the whole dispute about? Dropout age has been a concern for many people in the United States for many years now, mainly because while the majority of experts agree on its negative effects, others believe that dropout age shouldn't even matter. However, a group of U.S. Senators has recently taken up a position to lower the age to fourteen. So what's the answer to this debate? Contrary to the Senators' beliefs, dropout ages should be raised to prevent the negative effects high-school dropouts end up having.
There are many negative effects caused by dropping out of high-school. Some of these effects include dropouts being more likely to become delinquents, more likely to have a lower income, and more likely to be leading an unhealthy life. According to the article Raise the Legal Dropout Age by the University of Toronto, "An average dropout earns less money, is more likely to spend time in jail, and is less healthy, less happy and less likely to be married than a high school graduate." These are some major effects that everyone should be aware of. Simply dropping out of school can change someone's whole life for the worse.
While dropping out may have some major consequences, staying in school can be very beneficial. As would be

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